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At Takaka Primary School we have heaps of space and many active children who enjoy exploring it. However, there was something missing, so when a group of supportive parents (some without children at the school) floated the idea of a bike track for the kids, Principal Jenny Bennett didn’t hesitate giving the thumbs up. After a few trees were felled and diced into firewood, the trucks started rolling in, bringing clay what would later be expertly shaped into a jumpline.

It took Tristan Graham of TG Contracting and his crew just 3 1/2 hours one afternoon to build the track under watchful eye of Tony and Lisa, from Golden Bay Kayaks. Following the construction there were some very patient children as they waited a few days to for the track to settle and compact enough for it to be ready to ride.

Since opening Term 4, 2017, the jumpline has been well used by many members of the community. During school break times there are always children riding on it, running on it, or basing their games around it. After school and in the evenings, other children and families drop in and spend some time on the track. It is used by toddlers on their balance bikes, and teenagers on their full suspensions bikes – everyone is able to enjoy a few laps.

Biking at Takaka Primary School has gone from strength to strength since the contraction of the jump line. It is not uncommon for nearly ⅓ of all students to bring a wheeled vehicle on any given day. Jenny Bennett stated that ‘There have been significantly less playground incidences to deal with as the children are finding other ways to expel their energy….The bike track is another option for the children’

Phase 2 Skills Track

The Bike Track Committee, from early on had planned to have 3 parts to the bike park. The second part is going to an skills track that well weave in and out trees along of the perimeter of the field. We have already had generous offers from local builders and contractors who are keen to construct some of the obstacles such as a bike seesaw, raised pathways…

Please contact Communitybikepark@takakaprimary.school.nz or drop into the school and see Jonny Anderson if you’d like to help out.

Phase 3 – Pump Track (asphalt)

A pump track is an up to 2 meters wide track for mountain bike- and BMX-riders consisting of rollers and banked turns. The layout consists of continuous loops with different combinations, so that the biker can ride as long as their physical fitness allows them to. The rollers are used to generate speed and with the right body movements, the whole track can be ridden endlessly without pedalling. If a pump track is built properly, advanced riders will be able to jump from roller to roller, rather than just pumping and riding over them.

The advantages for asphalt are:

  • Durability
  • Sustainability
  • Low maintenance
  • Low rolling resistance
  • High traction
  • Year round usability in any weather
  • Usable for bikes, skateboards, inline skate, scooters
  • Consistent surface quality
  • Resistant against vandalism


One of the most popular sports

Cycling is one of the most popular sports. Many countries have a well-developed cycling path network, but are missing places where adults and children can practice their riding skills in a safe environment.

Create town’s/region’s attraction

Pump tracks are attractive to residents and potential newcomers. A modern infrastructure increases the attractiveness of your town. A pump track will stand out from conventional sports facilities in other areas.

The fun of exercise

Riding pump tracks gets you in shape because you train skills and fitness in a fun way. Pump tracks are a good tool to promote physical activity in your town.


Asphalt or concrete pump tracks can be ridden with any kind of sport equipment – bikes, skateboards, in-line skates, scooters,…

Pump Tracks are for everyone

From beginners to professionals, kids to adults, women and men – pump tracks are suitable for everyone. You can ride a pump track with regular mountain bikes and kid’s bikes. The only other piece of equipment one needs is a helmet.You can even integrate a pump track as part of your school’s sports lessons.

Meeting point

Pump tracks are stomping grounds for the whole community. During breaks, there will be time to share ideas and linger in the neat and artistic ambiance of the park.

We have chosen to work with VeloSolutions to design and create our Pump Track. Velosolutions is a global leader in pump track and trail building, offering customised solutions for all your cycling needs. From pump tracks to dedicated bike parks, from concept through to creation, Velosolutions is equipped to deliver industry leading design and construction around the globe. Velosolutions is dedicated to making cycling as accessible as possible and have forged unique design techniques that appeal to the novice rider equally as much as the professional.

Velosolutions Website

A Velosolutions Pump track in Wellington

We are Takaka Primary School, Together we stand tall!

Thanks to Fulton Hogan and Solly’s Contracting for backing our Community Bike Park.

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